something important:

i know some of you who read this blog also pray.

and i want you to do so for some new friends of ours.
i've hesitated to even put this on here because i don't want to dramatize it some way and it's just been difficult to know what to say, but i feel it's important to gather as many people as we can to comfort and pray for this family.

melissa and kalen have a little boy named aiden that is almost two.
around two weeks ago, aidan fell three stories from a window that had a loose screen. he landed on his head on the sidewalk. miraculously, he survived... and is even recovering now and looking better each day. but they have a long road ahead of them~ many needs, many steps, many questions and many fears to face~ our hope is that there will also be many miracles to come.

if you could, please move off of this (lame and neglected) blog and over to their blog ( read about the journey this family has been on since aidan ended up in pediatric ICU.
and don't just read... pray if you will. and let them know you were there. don't worry about having the right words, just let them know they are not alone. kalen shared with me one night that the love of perfect strangers for his son that they didn't even know helped him believe that God really does love him. perhaps God could increase all of our faith through joining into this difficult road ahead for melissa, kalen and aidan.
please join them.