my kids read too much.

i've actually never said the above.
and i kinda doubt i ever will. so in our house, we are doing what we can to encourage book indulgence. we have officially kicked off our "reading for media" program in the prentiss household...
(boys playing the new lego star wars that oliver got for his bday!
NOT difficult to get them to play this)
(boys listening and working on a history lesson from the story of the world)
(doesn't count toward minutes as "reading" but a really nice activity that they actually like, but still harder to get them to do this~ like reading.)

you might say we've been known to indulge a little in the media* world. we love movies, mama loves for the kids to quietly watch a show (or two... okay on a bad day, even more!), we love music, u-tube, blogs, games, etc....
all of this adds up~ QUICKLY.
i often feel myself slipping into over indulging with it all, especially during something like a move~ hypothetically speaking of course.
here's my attempt at getting a handle on it all: for every minute that the kids read during the day, they gain a minute of media time (up to a maximum of 60 minutes). they keep track of their own minutes and it all works out beautifully. and by doing this, we are all helped in choosing what is good over what is easy.

the only problem that we've run into is regarding the guitar hero game that the boys just bought at a yard sale. I (the mom who kinda doesn't really get the video game world) LOVE THIS GAME. so i want to bend the rules a little here... but i'll be strong. ;) i promise.

on a side note, THANK you ALL for checking in with me and letting me know you're out there. all of your comments felt like one great big hug!! and really i'm blown away. i thought for sure that i had killed this blog by not contributing for so long.

so thanks for hanging in there. i hope to post at least once a week and at some point, i'll do a "house warming party", blog style of course. wish i could post more!
xo~ kp

*i don't think it's wrong to use extra media with kids to endure a difficult period of life, fyi. so you are not allowed to feel condemned (here) if you have been doing so. it doesn't mean you're a bad mom if you do... we all cope with circumstances differently AND we all have different capacities and convictions. so be free!! now go love your kids!