busting loose.

see these hoodlums?
the ones who can't find anything better to do than crowd around an iphone and watch some sort of video?
the ones who have been slightly neglected in the midst of moving, starting a new job, new city, new church?
the ones who have played well and fought well with one another all summer?

see the big kid holding the phone?
he has an adventurer's heart.
he wants to explore, experience and just go.
the one that looks like a smaller version of him, just likes to go with him. anywhere.
even if it's the bathroom.

the little girly girl just wants to sing songs and prance around.
and the baby? well, i just have a crush on him. except when his diaper smells.

we figured they've been "caged" long enough.
we're taking them camping. to the wide open spaces.
one night. four kids. one tent. two inexperienced-with-camping parents.
and one puppy.
it's a test run to see how we all do. i hope we don't get eaten by a bear.
or get ticks. or rabies. or have anyone fall into the fire.

pray for the brave souls that have invited us to join them...
we don't even have a tent yet. and our flashlights are all dead. and nic can't find his swimsuit. man, i've got to get busy...

we're leaving tomorrow morning and you could say the mood around here is somewhat ecstatic.