a reading list.

sundays are good for reading.
so here is some of what i've started reading, have read and am reading with the kids.
(from top to bottom)
1. (wind in the willows) BEAUTIFULLY written. i love this one. the kids, not so much. but i'm pressing on and forcing it on them. i guess there just aren't enough wizards or lions or battles in it for their tastes. ;)
2. started on mother's day. crazy that it's set right here in OR. i became unsure about the story half way through, but i am sure i keep hearing "jesus is fond of you." in my head which seems like a good thing.
3. i love me some anne lamott. wish she was my friend. just started this one...
4. great little diddy from susan schaeffer macaulay on our responsibility to educate our children... at home or school. (highlights charlotte mason's thoughts on education) helpful and encouraging.
5. Going Public is a book written to encourage christian parents that their kids can thrive in public school. i am really thankful to be reading this one. their example as parents is really encouraging.
6. (world without end) what to say about ken follett? Pillars of the Earth was another world that i LOVED to visit for the month or so that it took me to read... this one is his sequel. i started it, but then took too long of a pause, so i will probably start it again once life settles a bit. (HA!)
7. a book given to me by another pastor's wife in seattle. written by jerram barrs (love him) about God's perspective on women in the bible. i haven't gotten far enough to comment about this book, but i am passionate about women having value and a voice in the christian community... maybe the book will speak to that. (anyone read it?)
8. and a goodwill find for a few bucks. great stories, nice pictures and crowd pleasing at our house. ;)
9. (not pictured) Death by Suburb... started today... LOVE it and feel that it's going to make me think. ironically, we have moved out of the suburbs and into city life here in portland, but i still think this book is going to speak to the "american way of life" in general regardless. i'm looking forward to reading more.

i'd love to hear any book recommendations you have or thoughts about any of the above that you've read!!