sweet 37th.

if you have a birthday in our house,
your day begins with breakfast in bed.
with one candle stuck somewhere in your food.
and there is singing.

then, you are inundated with cards and talking.
just seconds after being woken up
and before you've had a chance to drink your coffee.

the hubbub dies down eventually,
and you are left to eat in peace
and maybe read the paper
or even catch some morning news on the telly.
(all three are rare here.)

all day it's your choice.
do whatever you'd like to do.
even if it's going to see two movies back to back.
all alone.

but once you return,
there will be a party.
with presents wrapped by kids.
and more cards and talking~
there will always be lots of talking.

and maybe some sillies and snuggling too.
and definitely we will sing again.

and always, there will be a wonky homemade cake.
with sprinkles and crooked candles.

and many little faces to help blow your candles out.

after all of it, we hope you feel loved.
because it's your birthday...
and our world would not be good without you in it.

(love to our daddy and my sweet b.)