little nugget:

i fed my kids chicken nuggets today.
i just felt like i needed to admit that.

but i thought i'd offer you the better kind of nugget.
a little nugget that's possibly just as edible as the ones he ate earlier.
(but without processed chicken parts):

i know him well.
like how his smile sans one front tooth looks.
like how he still drools sometimes.
like how he's knock kneed and super soft skinned.

everytime he answers a question, he leads with, "i unno. (i don't know.)"
elliot what color is that?
"i unno, blue."
what is your name?
"i unno, elliot."
what snack would you like?
"i unno, cwackers."

i love that he calls his big brothers "nic-awber" like they are one person.
and that when i tell him he's my best friend,
he feels conflicted and says,
"and i sissy's fwiend."

i've had more than my share of time with my little guy this year.
sometimes, i've felt that i needed a little more space in order to miss him.
but, more than that... i'm trying to soak up my last days of preschool years.
(playdough on the shoes and all)

he's turning 3 in eleven days.
or maybe i should say, "fwee."
i'm so thankful for you my little man.