the weather in portland can be moody. especially this time of year.
i know because i've lived here for one year and three days.
and because i can be moody~ so i recognize another like me.

people say that the winter can be rough~ with weeks of no sun breaks.
our first winter seemed mild compared to what i was bracing myself for.

and then february hit. 

it was beautiful.
with glimpses of spring bursting forth.
and my pregnant friend came to visit.

and all i could think about was new life.
and hope.
and redemption.

like new life growing from tired weary soil.
like a neighbor playing their music for the sidewalks to hear.
beauty in all of the unlikely places.

on one glorious day in particular (one of the first of the season), 
a neighbor was walking down the street and we shared our joy over the weather.

and she said something like this:
"days like today make me believe that spring really will come."

and i thought about that. 
a lot.

maybe that is exactly what god is saying to all of us.
as he brings new life forth right before our eyes...
SPRING will come. 
SPRING will come.

i think i heard that today.
and even though it wasn't the most sunny beautiful spring-y easter,
i have hope.

the rains will cease.
death will be dead.
pain will end.
alone will never be again.

we live in a messy world~
and things often aren't the way they are supposed to be.
one day that will change.

i've also been encouraged by reading this:

sorry i didn't put up pictures of plastic eggs and my cute children.
i'm not sure if you all will survive without it. ;)