rethink the frame.

i am SO, SO excited!
i finally ordered CANVAS WRAP prints for us!
i just unwrapped them... with the help of my three year old assistant.
and i want you all to see them.
it's like having a new piece of art up on the wall~
they're not on the wall yet.
but here they are:

(16x16, 16x24, and 8x10)
(8x10 reenactment was the three year old's idea.) 
(all taken on our trip to the oregon coast~ 9/09)
see what an awesome statement the big prints make?
i'll update this post with a view of them on the wall once we get them there.
i'm not sure that the little one will go with the others yet...
but i wanted to show you the size variations and how bigger looks better.

also, i wanted you all to see how nicely canvas wraps look~
don't you agree??
and how great non-traditional prints can look.

we don't always have to have our kids faces in the pictures to really get a sense of who they are.
and for the print to look beautiful.
(i'm so in love with the first one... it's of the boys doing their thing... 
exploring together...worlds away from the rest of us.)