a very melancoly blog post that ends with a gift.

today i am thinking about heavier things.
so much is broken.
so many are sad.
 and at times it just feels so heavy.
(these kids~ triplets!!~ are the CUTEST and HAPPIEST kids...
but i just loved their pensive looks for this post)
(march/09: photo session in atlanta, ga)
don't get me wrong~
i'm still making mac&cheese,
still wiping bottoms,
still running to baseball games
still organizing playdates,
still planning birthday parties,
and still tucking sweet little faces into bed.
but heavy still lurks in the corners.

my mom fell, cut her head and had to get staples put in.
my brother had a seizure (he has type I diabetes).
my sister is struggling through her first trimester of sickness.
(don't worry, everybody is okay now.)
i miss my family and i want to be able to drive to see them.
to help them.
to scoop up my nephews and nieces and give their mamas and daddys a break.
(march 09: time with family)
 but i am here.
hoping to visit there soon...

and then beyond my family, so many of you have difficult situations.
there is so much that isn't the way it's supposed to be.
financial strain. sickness. loneliness. pain.
even my own heart doesn't function the way i want it to.
 but i believe in hope.
i have to.
a kind of hope that reminds us
that all that is broken,
will someday be restored.
 (march 09: photos by keri walker)
and that there is a possibility of redemption in even the darkest places of this world.
this is THE story i believe in.

but until then,
do you ever notice how in the midst of feeling heavy,
one little thing will happen that sort of just brightens things?
like maybe a new flower grows?
or someone brings you a coffee?
or you hear kids giggling in another room?
(summer 09: laurelhurst park, or)
or a friend says they're coming for a visit?
or you simply really connect with a song?

today, i want to do something lighthearted.
i'm wanting to give something to you.
possibly brighten your day.
by giving away one of my favorite things.

it is my gift to one of you:
Say I Am You

come on take it... come on take it...
take it from me... (heh)
the weepies: say i am you

it feels good to give something away.
all you need to do is leave a comment on this post.
tell me one of your favorite songs to sing while you're alone.
and leave your email address.
(also, if you have this album and would like hideaway instead, just say so.)

that's it.
something for almost nothing. ;)

(i forgot to add: one winner, randomly drawn, one entry per person,
and i'll let abigail draw the winner on monday 7 pacific time.)