i'm seeing yellow.

i've never been a yellow person... but lately, i'm finding it keeps drawing me in.
and i'm seeing little bits of it more and more in my life.

my favorite new hobo wallet:
i've been looking at these for years, finally i got one.
the greatest thing about this wallet is it's versitility.
 for everyday use, i just throw it into my messenger bag.
but, for a night out, i pull it out and carry it as a clutch.
i love the color it adds to an outfit.

a favorite lovely necklace that goes with everything: (from here)
i got this over a year ago and i wear it all the time. LOVE.
i'm not sure if the ACORN BEACH is still making things or not. 
but i hope so.

i think i would like to have my morning coffee out of this pretty:
just saw this today from VESSELSANDWARES. so much beautiful stuff there.

and of course there was this incident that happened in CA:

and i found this itty bitty yellow on a walk with my girl:
(she took the picture... pretty nice, would you say?)

perhaps my new found love for yellow is due to the lack of it in the sky here this month.

(but don't worry about us, elliot and i took matters into our own hands.)

regardless of how you feel about yellow,
i hope you're at least seeing it out of your window too. ;)

happy memorial day.
happy birthday to my mom.
and happy yellow.