last day of five.

my baby girl turns SIX tomorrow.

we will wake her with breakfast in bed.
sing the song.
then, we will head to school
to show her classmates old pictures of her
and share five memories of her past years.
(that's what they do at our school instead of bringing treats.)
tonight, when i was tucking her into bed
and she was all snuggled up with the same blanket
and same thumb that you see in the photo above,
i said to her, "today is your last day of five."

(why do i do that kind of thing!?)

as soon as it was out of my mouth, 
the lump in my throat grew immense.

i told her, "that makes me kinda sad."
she turned her face around and i saw there were tears in her eyes.
she said, "it makes me sad too."

surprised, i asked her why it makes her sad.
she said, "i'm just sad because i feel like i might not be a little girl anymore."

then we talked about some of the great things of being five:
starting kindergarten
learning monkey bars
riding without training wheels
learning to read

and we talked about what six might be like:
riding faster
reading more
loosing baby teeth
and just growing bigger, stronger, and kinder. 
we are pretty sure being six makes you even nicer.

i'm sure SIX will be great, regardless.
i'm looking forward to walking it with you...
love you baby girl!!!
like i told you tonight... you'll always be my baby girl!

oh, remind me to post about our birthday parties this year.
we've had a really good time.