from my third CA photography session.
stanford | palo alto, CA

i don't mean to be dramatic.
but there are pictures from my sessions that make my heart sorta stop.
i have a physical reaction
to what i see:

a moment of real beauty and peace and wonder
that can exist within a family.

like this one:
i'm not sure how many minutes i've spent looking at this one.
i could spend more.
it's like a good song that you can hear over and over.

there is nothing forced. posed. structured.
it's just a moment of light.

this one does it to me too:
my heart stops.
i'm afraid of getting pregnant from staring at this too long.
that can happen right?

i'm not saying that it's something special about my photography.
what i'm saying is this sweet face or those moments
are TRUE beauty in this broken world.

it gives me hope. builds my faith. and reminds me of joy.
maybe you think i'm crazy... but i need to see this sort of thing.


okay. enough of this. here are some more lighthearted shots from the day.
like soccer in a ornate outdoor hallway...
and simple family time...

and bubbles... dad was a master at bubbles...
if he ever needs a second job, 
i'm considering creating a position as "photoshoot bubble blower."

and i can't leave some of these out.
i know it's too many to show you~
but i just can't choose.

so much sweetness. so many favorites.

thank you for hiring me again my friends... it's such a delight to watch you grow.