second CA photography session.
at home | menlo park, ca

fresh lemonade.
homemade chocolate chip cookies.
and this little peanut.
were all waiting on me for my second CA session. 
this little fella gave his parents a scare by coming into their lives early.
they spent way too many days in the hospital.
with wires. needles. monitors.
and praying. oh and lots of waiting.

but little nealon is now home.
thriving, wouldn't you say?
it's amazing what being surrounded by two adoring parents can do for a guy.

his room was cooler than any room i've ever lived in.

one of my most favorite shots below with the beautiful mama and delightful nealon:

safe and snug with daddy:
snuggly baby skin.
don't you just want to hold him?
and then there was the music:
i always think there is something special about families who share music together.
especially when they have as awesome accordion case to put their babies into. ;)
you guys are wonderful parents to nealon...
he is beautiful and i'm so thankful to have spent some time with you!!

(you guys are welcome to post any of these to fb or your blog.)