where i have lived:

(finding it a tad difficult to post a story everyday, i've decided while i'm still trying to add pictures to my last post, etc., that i would just list for you the places i have lived.)

winchester, ma
nashua, nh
pataskala, oh
columbus, ga*
rome, ga
jacksonville, al
birmingham, al**
montevallo, al
oviedo, fl
mountain view, ca
portland, or

*still reigns as the most years i've lived someplace: three different houses and seven years (plus four if you count that my parents still lived there while i was in college).
** we moved four times while living in birmingham, one of those times being to motevallo, but when totaled together, we lived there seven years too.

if you have lived one of these places with me, i think you rule.
if you have lived two of these places with me, you are my hero.
if you have lived three+ of these places with me, we are related. ;)