beautiful family, beautiful portland.

i'm so happy to be a family portrait photographer
in beautiful portland, or.

there are so many places that i'm spotting that would be amazing shoot sights...
and so many more to find.

this day,
with this sweet family,
we met on the east side water front.
no they're not professional models... ;)
they're dear friends.
with one sweet little girlie.

and since the photoshoot, 
this family of three
has grown into
a family...
of FOUR!
and now this little girl is a big sister.
and this mama and dada have a baby boy to love.
and just like that,
the love they have for one another has grown into love for one more.

(i'm looking forward to more photoshoots in portland...
thanks to mark and heather for the chance to do your family portraits!)