lots to love.

(sneak peak from recent session | sunnyvale, ca)
happy friday everyone!

we're all just a tad busy around here... and i'm spending a few hours sorting through my work photos, selecting, making edits and communicating with some of you about upcoming sessions.  i'm in love with this little baby girl up above and i wanted to share her beautiful bounty :) with you all!!

i see something like this photo, and it reminds me of how much we all have to be thankful for. i personally get so caught up in seeing the negative in my life... the piles of clutter, the dishes, the laundry, my bad attitude... and i complain. i take it out on my kids and my husband~ the ones who are absolutely the most precious to me and i make my misery theirs.

i need to step back at times and open my eyes.
(don't we all?)

i need to see again.
and give thanks for what i have.

i believe truly that we were created to experience perfection
and so the troubles of this world (real, severe and even the little ones that trip us up)
can truly get us down.

i am helped when i remember or someone reminds me,
that perfect isn't going to happen here.
crazy as it sounds,
i believe there is another place for perfect that we can experience after our lives here...
and that gives me hope.

i am helped when i realize that glimpses of perfect now are just that.
glimpses. (like baby girl above)
not goals to be obtained, but gifts to receive.

they are reminders that this life is not all there is.
and that eases my expectations of and desires for having the perfect now
and enables me to take note and give thanks for the glimpses of perfect i see now.

give thanks.