when you go away

(weepies... be my thrill)dedicated to my four blue eyed babes....

when you go away
it's like you hide the sun.

i regret today,
the things that we might have done.

no relief from grey skies
where'd you take those blue eyes?
what can i do??

when you go away
it's an unfinished song.

can't find words to say,
but i know where you belong.

take me with you this time
won't you? won't you?

don't make me miss you this time
don't you, don't you.

we're so much better together
don't you think??

i do.
i do.

walk the street parade looking through everyone
but they don't have your face.
oh look what i've become.

no relief from grey skies
where'd you take those blue eyes??
what can i do?


our mornings are hectic. often, we're running late. i'm frazzled.
my fifth grader feels fifth grade is really hard.
my third grader is being stretched.
my first grader would rather stay home.
and my preschooler is happy to go. ;)

needless to say, i have to take a few deep breaths after dropping them off in the morning.
after packing all those lunches, finding two pairs of glasses, putting on shoes,
grabbing coats and rain boots, dashing into the classrooms and getting quick hugs...
i walk away
for something slower.
longing to be with them a little longer.

and i miss them.
and i pray they grow,
learn and love.

and then i sing them this song.


maybe you need your own copy
to sing to the ones you love when they go away?
leave a comment.
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and share who you would sing to.
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Be My Thrill