happy thanksgiving!! (part one)

during the days leading up to this trip,
we didn't know if we'd even make it.
mostly, i didn't know if I'D make it.

i've told you i was sick as a dog in bed...
battling the flu.
nine days.
the day before our trip, i visited the doctor and found out what was going on:
(with a warning not to travel given with the diagnosis.)

but. we had had enough of me in bed with brian carrying the weight of everything.
all i could think about was getting to the sunshine of mobile, al...
and everyone getting wrapped up into the arms of papa and dado.

so, we went anyway.
brian packed every last one of us...
including me as i lay in the bed deliriously requesting certain items.
wondering what would actually end up with me in my suitcase when we landed.

we forgot a few things:
my make-up, my flat iron, and my camera.
but we took care of things...
including ordering new make-up from a line
 my beautiful "mother-in-love" is working for: j. edwards
and taking the plunge to upgrade my camera a little earlier than planned
by getting a new nikon. (once i got over the sticker shock, i settled into happy!)
((these are all very important details for you to know!))

needless to say, we made it.
it was warm and sunny (we wore shorts, short sleeves, and even swimsuits!).
and i felt so cared for and happy,
especially knowing how happy all my people were.

it was a beautiful long week with brian's beautiful family.

we were surrounded by good times and
 all the greats and grands that came to visit:
(a great aunt, great-great aunt, grands and great grands, 
and an super fun uncle with his adorable girlfriend.)

we left with a mini-van full of tears.

i always say, tears are good because they mean there is love.

so i'm thankful for those tears,
all that love,
the cheap tickets we found that allowed this trip,
and finally being able to visit after being away TOO long!

currently, we're in GA with a second round of thanksgiving love...
more on that later...

and i also want you to know that i'm thankful for all of you too. really.
i hope you know you are loved this holiday season.