a camera can be...

a slide on a playground.
calling out to you like a child with desires to test gravity's truth.

daring you to try to let go and make something.

a musical instrument.
with the intricacies of notes that only a master can truly open up
but even a child attempts.

longing for you to make melodies.

new eyes to see.
like seeing the world for the first time with corrected vision.

giving off the hope that everything can look different.

a hand extended to others.
forming new relationships and connecting us to one another.

causing an honest look at our humanity.

a book of truth.
revealing the way we view life in this world.

asking us the important questions.

i deeply love participating in photography
~one of the most accessible forms of art~
everyman's art.

and i'm thankful for cameras and the many ways i've been drawn to them in my life.

i'm hoping you'll get out there and photograph something.