happy thanksgiving!? (part 2)

i feel it's only natural,
since my last post was our october family photo,
that this post would cover thanksgiving.

i shared with you our thanksgiving (part one)
soon after experiencing it,
but then got swept away into the world of cousins, friends and family
that atlanta contains for us.

it was a super fast, fun roller coaster ride.

we took off from mobile, al,
heading for a quick stop in columbus, ga to see my mom.
(one day i'll stay there longer and actually visit with dear friends!!)
we were there barely over 12 hours total~ most of which we were sleeping.
and then off to my dad's home.
he and his wife live in good hope, ga.
on a beautiful piece of land.

(don't you love the name of small southern towns?
good hope is located right beside social circle.
both names suit me just fine.)

i love bringing my kids here to experience a taste of country living.
my dad has them driving tractors, riding horses, and shooting guns.
yep. let's just say, my urban city kids get pretty psyched to "live on the wild side" for a bit.

it was beautiful to have all of the cousins in one place!
beautiful and action packed~ as you can imagine.
i also LOVE getting to see my brother and sister.
it doesn't happen enough.

after staying with my dad and karen for a few nights,
we headed to spend the night with dear friends from college,
including a parents' night out to farm burger in decatur, ga. yum!

next stop was to my sister's to visit with her family.

we played games, went bowling, visited the american girl store, ate our fair share
of kentucky derby pie (if you don't know what that is, i feel sorry for you.),
 watched movies together and gathered for good times.
my mom joined up with us again at my sisters:
 one of our last days in atlanta,
we visited my sister's neighborhood park, snapped loads of pictures and
ended our time feeding the ducks on the chattahoochee
as the sun went down.
it seemed the perfect ending to a perfect visit to our family.

i love my family.
i don't see them enough.
at all.

(thank you all for hosting us so well. xoxo.)