a new piano.

recently, a dream of mine came true.
for years and years, i've been looking for a piano. 
i've felt very overwhelmed about choosing and knowing whats what in the piano world.

i grew up with a piano in our home.
i never had lessons, but i loved to sit there and pick out a song.

my brother played by ear and was pretty amazing to listen to.

when i think about the type of home i want to have,
live, clumsy, happy music always is included in the vision.
i want my kids to have access into the music world.
and a piano sitting waiting to be played is the first step towards that.

currently, none of us are trained in music,
(except nic has been taking flute at school)
but music feels like an important part to our family's identity.

recently, i found this great shop with a very knowledgeable helpful piano craftswoman.
she buys old pianos and then reconstructs them.
it's pretty amazing to listen to her explain the inner life of a piano.

we actually bought one for christmas.
i'm still kinda in shock about it because it just seemed so out of reach.

i'm thankful.

our piano is big. it beautifully fits into our 1905 house because it was made in 1908.
i feel like it was meant to be here.

it's sitting in our dining room.
making itself known to us.
waiting to see whose little fingers will play it the most.

now i just need to find a piano instructor for the kids!!