bookish behavior.

while i was on vacation,
i read nonstop.
i read the girl who kicked the hornet's nest,
little bee,
as the world spins,
and began water for elephants.

i love to read like that~ 
to lose myself in stories for hours.

but when i'm home, it's a different situation.
i tend to read a number of books at the same time.
and i take a long time to finish anything.
(sometimes never.)

these are the books i'm currently in the middle of:
for those of you who have read hunger games
i read the first one before i left for my trip
because nic wanted to read it
and i wanted to make sure it was okay.

i was totally engrossed!
then one day last week, 
nic surprised me with catching fire
that he checked out from the school library~ for me!
i thought that was pretty sweet.
i finished it last week,
and then oliver surprised me with mocking jay
just yesterday. ;)
(now i have a crush on both of my boys.)
and i love these books.

you're probably here hoping you might have won 

i had a VERY official drawing
where i made oliver choose one number from the twenty comments
(without seeing who was who)
and he chose:
which ironically is his aunt
and my dear sister!!

(please don't accuse me of cheating. i/we didn't.)
thanks to all for playing along.