happy friday | 2.18.11

i hope you all don't mind if i post pictures from hawaii from time to time.
after experiencing a day today that made me feel like a living pingpong ball,
it helps me to see this turtle here lounging on the beach.
his activity, or lack there of, reminds me of how i just recently spent a whole week with my husband b.
laying, thinking, reading, talking, eating, walking, exploring
and mostly just resting.

because now
that i'm back in the grind,
it's almost easy to forget it happened.

it reminds me that stopping- even if it's just for a few minutes-
is good for my soul.
(and makes me personally thankful for our recent extended time to do so!)


i got to read a few great books on my trip
and i had a little glitch in my ordering before i left.
i ended up with an extra copy of Little Bee: A Novel
it's never been opened, but it should be.
it's an important story.

so, i thought i'd give it away to one of you.
if you want it:
1. leave a comment
2. including the last book you read
3. and your email or a way to contact you
4. i will draw a winner by tuesday feb. 22.

happy friday y'all.
i hope the extra long weekend is extra good for you.