happy friday | 2.25.11

i've been watching the plants around me

i've been thinking about how they never grow weary
in their work.

even when snow and cold come upon them,
they are not deterred.

they get almost no assistance from us,
their neighbors in this little plot of earth.

but yet, they work and work and work.

they know
a stage will be set in spring 
where their work 
will be revealed.

i want to learn from them.
my work,
my daily repetitive work
will also one day
be presented in it's totality.
my prayer is that it might be as beautiful 
as just one of the flowers' petals.
(a little branch on a neglected rose bush... budding red leaves that hold new snow.)

"there is no menial work.
jesus came not as a philosopher,
not as a general.
he came as a carpenter."
tim keller