mini family portrait session | three.

session one.
session two.

if you remember, i was in the middle of reviewing some mini sessions with you...
four in a row during my last trip to CA.

(you can read more about it on my session one link above if you're curious.)

this was my third session.
with dear friends.
i photographed this family in the very beginning of starting this little business of mine.
i don't even think i could have called it a business at the time.
it was more of a dream.

and laura was one of those people who made me feel that my dream could come true.
because she believed in me.
and hired me. 
when few others had.

it makes me feel that she/they are in it with me.
and like i've mentioned before,
that we're growing together.
them as a family who is now four.
and me as a professional photographer for almost three years.
so i want to thank laura and jay.
for letting me grow with you.
and bringing me into your family life (four times!) as a photographer.

your girls, your family, your style, your honestly, your generosity, your love...
all of it is inspiring!

xo. kp