happy friday | 3.18.11

 around here, we have officially entered our "week" of spring break.
our house looks like it.
but today, it's not driving me as crazy as normal.
i'm just rolling with it all...
the play dough on the counter, the friends over, the dining room table turned table tennis,
the off-schedule eating, and lazing about.

it all works for me today.
on this rainy,
first day home from school.

hopefully, i'll continue rolling with it this week ahead... ;)
these flowers (plumeria from hawaii)
are just a little eye candy to make us consider spring.

and a quote for your happy friday reading:
"we don't see the material world
for what it is meant to be:
as the means to communion with God."
ann voskamp | one thousand gifts

perhaps as we watch the world open up
and come alive again
this spring,
we'll consider the possibility of God
speaking loudly of his love for us.

(happy friday and happy spring break!)