sew can i.

can you sew?
sew can i.

sort of.

without a pattern.
and with many mistakes.

i will finish one day.

and in that same post,
i mentioned the shirt dress.
(scroll down to the end.)
i'm going to get to that as well.

but a few other quick sewing projects i've been wanting to try
are a simple skirt and
a pillow case dress.
(i made both yesterday!)

here are a few pictures of the skirt i made.
(if anyone is interested in learning how to make one
~without a pattern~
i'd be happy to show my process.)

my friend liz made this skirt and swore it was easy.
(it was)
and i think she originally got a free pattern from oliver + s.
a place where real sew-ers(?), seamstresseseses(?) 
(what do i call you people?)
hang out.

it's a super cute site...
but like i said, i have an aversion patterns. ;)

i had two fat quarters of this:
 abigail's skirt that i used for sizing:
 an idea for adding another fabric at the bottom:
 and the skirt:
(all of which cost me about $6 and two hours of time.)

and my reward was a happy girl:
 swirling and dancing
and looking so sweet.
especially with that special smile she's wearing these days!!
she's wearing the dress i made today! 
i'll post pictures soon. 

happy st. patrick's day!