happy friday | 4.15.11

this post has nothing to do with tulips.
but it's spring...
and i find them beautiful. ;)

and i so love macro photography.
it relaxes me.
but this post is about friday.
and traveling.
and wearing noise canceling headphones.
i'm in CA again for a smaller work weekend.
i have a few clients i've met with so far,
but my goal (desire) for this trip
was also about some time alone.

it's always hard to come back here, 
because there are so many people i love 
and would want to see.
and while visiting with them is encouraging and fun
i also come home with a different sort of tired
when i'm on that type of schedule.

(so if you're a friend from the bay area and reading this now
please understand that i do miss you
and would love to see you another visit.) 

the ironic thing about this trip,
is that i've been wearing my noise canceling headphones a bit.
i'm pretty sure i look ridiculous in them.
but they are dreamy on the plane.
and i even popped them on while sleeping this morning
at my friends house with little ones.
i'm thinking of wearing them around during dinner at our house. ;)

today i was thinking a little about 
the noise in my life.
how i probably should cancel some of it.
take in less.

maybe i should produce less noise too.

anyway, this trip is giving a little bit of that:
less noise for a few moments.
and all of us benefit from that time to time, right?

i'm thankful.
happy friday.