happy friday | 4.29.11

i thought this week would carry me out to sea.
but i've made it.

my kids' first school musical starts tomorrow evening
and i'm going to have to miss it.
i'm very sad about it, but thankfully they perform next weekend too.

before they signed up for the play,
i had something else scheduled for this very weekend.

i'm writing this thursday night
while i'm waiting for four very dear people
to walk into my home.

they are on a plane right now...
from atlanta and san francisco.
the atlanta crew:
 (can you see that lady in the background?? what a crack up!)

and then my san francisco friend in the middle below:
these are the girls
who i experienced college with...

it's been too long since we've all been together
and it's taken TONS of planning to pull this weekend off.

but it's here.
and in just a few minutes,
they will enter my chaotic home
and make me laugh and feel like we haven't missed a beat.
this tired mama can't wait!

so i know i'll be having a happy friday.
i hope you all will too!