nobody told me during finals week
in college
that there would be weeks to come in my life
that would be even more packed.
that there would be so many details 
to store in my little head
that things would be forgotten
and slip through the cracks.

this week has been one of them.
i keep trying to remember not to worry about tomorrow.
for tomorrow has enough worries of it's own.

but i have to think of tomorrow.
and remember things like
stage makeup for my three kids in the school play,
dog ears to make (what??) for my little girl who is a dog in the play,
sheets to change for my dear college friends who are coming to town,
laundry to fold, food to buy, lunches to make, permission slips to sign,
emails to write and i guess somewhere in there, i'll take a shower.

not to mention
photos to edit and upload for this beautiful family.
(which are coming your way TODAY!!)
no one told me
when i was first learning to walk
that taking baby steps would be a survival skill 
i'd use throughout my life.

one step at a time.
one thing at a time.

i do know it helps to keep my sense of humor.
if i could only keep this photo in front of my face,
that would help.

there will be more to come from this group...
maybe in may. :)
which is what i keep telling brian,
"i'll see you in may!"