happy friday | 5.20.11

today, our happy friday centers on this one above.

she turns seven tomorrow.
(why does every birthday of my children feel so shocking to me??)

i asked abigail last night to not get older,
but she smiled wide
and said to me gently,
"i have to."

today, she is sharing photos of her younger days 
with her first grade class.
tomorrow, we will wake her with candles and singing
to celebrate that another year has past.

my baby girl will be seven.
and then seventeen,
and then twenty seven,
and before she knows it,
she'll be thirty seven.
just like me.
and maybe then we'll wonder together
where all the time went.

but for now,
i'm thankful to have her here.
and especially tomorrow
with cake and candles 
and as much to do that we can muster.
Happy Birthday to our sweet Abigail Katherine!!

and a happy friday!!