happy friday | 5.27.11

when you have a blog
called "a bit behind"
you're allowed to post a happy friday post
on a saturday.

(i just wanted to be clear about that.)

on thursday,
b surprised me with a night away
for our fourteenth anniversary.
(thanks to a dear friend who was willing to keep our kids.)

(from our hawaii trip 2.2011)

we had dinner at laurelhurst market
and talked about who we were then
and who we are now.
(thanks to dear friends who gave us a gift certificate for christmas.)

we slept in on friday,
and had a yummy lunch
before picking the kids up from school.
(from our day at the river. here. here. and here.)

we are purging stuff in our home
and having an impromptu sidewalk sale-
just the stuff that makes life normal.

and my "normal" life is good.
i'm thankful for brian and the life we have together.
here's to the next fourteen!!

and happy friday!!
(or saturday!)