the journey of parenting.

these kids are on a journey.
and while i'm thankful that i get to watch them
and participate in it with them,
i often feel overwhelmed
and so unsure of myself as a parent.
we have to make constant choices as parents.
how do we raise our kids?
what are our family values?
who do we want our children to become?
and yet, it's not all up to us.
and the paths we need to take are often unclear.
the water seems a bit murky with a few of my kids these days.
they are growing and changing and
i'm feeling a bit in over my head
in knowing how to help them grow.
but yesterday, a dear friend sent me some great links online
that i'm finding really encouraging.

they are helping me to hold on.
and reminding me that i am not alone as i parent.
i'll keep watching and waiting.
and praying. 
i'll remember that there is one who loves my children
even more than i do.

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