happy friday | 6.10.11

we've made it through a(nother) week with brian gone.
he's been away since monday.
today we pick him up from the airport!

that is definitely happy.

also, our school year ends on tuesday.
two. more. days. of.
fifth grade.
third grade.
first grade.
and 3's preschool.

it's hard to believe.
and it's hard to breathe
because i'm so excited about them being home with me again.
i love the idea.
it helps me to embrace what i have this summer.
nic : eight summers.
oliver : ten summers.
abigail : twelve summers.
elliot : fifteen summers.

maybe that sounds like a lot to some of you,  
but based on the pace life has taken in the last few years for us,
i feel it's not much.

i'm happy they'll be home soon.


(another happy from yesterday)
this is elliot in action:
every time i drop him off to preshool,
he asks to race along this path.
he always wins.

but yesterday,
was his official "race" day.
(is was actually a fun-run fundraiser.)
it was a big deal.
he had to get his game face on:
his race clothes were picked out by his eleven year old brother.
"flash shoes" as elliot calls them,
pants with a "racing" stripe down the side- on backwards, nonetheless.
his "run" dmc t-shirt,
and gloves. 
gloves definitely make you run faster.
he was even willing to strike a pose during the race.
athletic and kind?

i'm hoping to embrace more moments like these this summer...
happy friday!!