more chicken tales.

or tails.
i know, i'm so hilarious.
i know i showed you all our baby chicks.
and there was the whole, "put a bird on it" thing,
but i thought i'd show you where they live now:
we purchased our little chicken home from urban farm store
(along with the chicks that live there.)
brian and the boys assembled and painted it for me...
then we moved our four chickens in....
only to discover that one was a rooster.

urban farm store thankfully has a rooster relocation program
which could mean that they serve chicken stew at some employee party,
but we feel pretty sure that our rooster, formally known as "glass chick" (elliot's chick),
is now happily bossing chickens around on some farm somewhere.

one of my favorite things that the chickens do,
is when they plop down sideways to lay down in the sun.
the first time i saw one of them doing this,
i thought for sure something was wrong with it.
i was annoying "cutie" (the white one) too much with pictures,
but they lay right on top of one another in a big bundle.
unless of course, someone won't stop clicking a big black thing near by.
cutie is the white one, killer is the one on top/back and thunder is laying in front.
they are abigial's, nic's and oliver's respectively.

we had to go back to the store to buy "glass chick II" for elliot.
she's in her awkward pre-teenager looking stage,
so she stays inside most days:
when brian got her, he also got himself a chicken:
getty (on the right. below.)
glass chick II is in the center and recently had a big adventure.
she got lost and found all in 24 hours.
she got locked out of our coop, 
we thought she had been eaten for sure,
but then a neighbor had called the urban farm store
 the same day that i stopped by to pick up a few new chicks.

it was a chicken miracle of sorts.
i'm hoping this means that glass chick II was meant for big things.
like many, many, many fresh eggs.
but none the less, while discovering glass chick II was found,
i still couldn't resist helping myself to just one more chicken. 
after all, everyone else in my family has one.

meet cookie:
she also happens to be going through an awkward stage,
but we're glad to have her anyway.

have you had enough of the chickens yet?
cluck, cluck.