a daydreaming boy.

what a day for a daydream...
what a day for my daydreamin' boy...
and i'm lost in a daydream...
 dreamin 'bout my bundle of joy.
 and even if time ain't really on my side...
 it's one of those days for takin a walk outside
 i'm blowin the day to talk a walk in the sun
and fall on my face on somebody's new mowed lawn.
 I've been havin’ a sweet dream
I been dreamin’ since I woke up today
It’s starrin’ me and my sweet dream
Cause (s)he's the one that makes me feel this way
And even if time has passed me by a lot
I couldn't care less about the dues you say I got
Tomorrow I'll pay the dues for droppin’ my load
A pie in the face for bein’ asleep before dawn
And you can be sure that if you're feelin’ right
A daydream will last along into the night

 Tomorrow at breakfast you may pick up your ears
Or you may be daydreamin for a thousand years
 What a day for a daydream
Custom made for a daydreamin’ boy
And now I’m lost in a daydream
Dreamin ‘bout my bundle of joy
 on saturday, i got to pick up my boy from camp.
he was exhausted, dirty and filled.

i thought my whole family would come with me to get him,
but the house was quiet and asleep when it was time to go.

so i went alone.
and it was a gift.

taking in the stunning scenery
and having nic to myself
was totally worth it.

he fell asleep on the way home
and for a moment,
my growing boy felt like my little guy again.

i see this man emerging from him
and i love what i see.

this week was another bit of letting go for me as a mom.
letting him grow,
and become who he's meant to be.

i love this parenting journey
and i'm thankful for my first born's
to me as we move through it.