happy friday | 7.8.11

(a pleasant view of mt. bachelor.)

summery update:
                                   1. we now have a ten year old in the house. (for the second time)
                                   2. we took a family get away to celebrate him.
                                   3. we went to seattle and sunriver. both were great.
                                   4. nic is away on his first overnight camp. (ymca outside of salem, or.)
                                   5. we pick him up tomorrow and i can't wait.
                                   6. i'm having a hard time making time for me to do things like this.
                                   7. the kids are doing great with more chores and our little summer schedule.
                                   8. i'm loving my little projects and wanting more.
                                   9. i need to get busy with big projects like our back porch redo though.
                                  10. we have family and friends visits to look forward to this month and next.
                                  11. all in all, i'm thankful for the sunshine and freedom that summer brings.

happy friday! xo.