slow and steady wins the race.

or at least that's what i try to tell myself.
remember this post about all the stuff i wanted to make?

well, i'm still working on some of the things, 
but i finally made that dress from a shirt for abi.
(the original source/link is on the post i linked to above.)
i think she's on the very edge of being too big for the idea/pattern,
 but i could easily make them into shirts for her.
and i have a few more that i want to try.

but this is my first attempt:
i'm calling it 'picnic at the park' dress.
it's casual, easy and cute.
it could even make a cute night gown.

and while i was making that for abi, 
i finally put this adorable fabric to use for elliot:
i was thinking of making napkins or a little apron for him,
but pj bottoms won. 

i love that last little bit of baby belly. ;)

i made both of these last sunday afternoon.
it feels so amazing to indulge in something like this.
but often i don't allow myself to let other needs go in order to do it.

i'm enjoying our summer with the kids tremendously,
but finding it a REAL challenge to get any time to myself.
the kids are up late with the sun
and pretty non-stop during the day.
i'm sure i'll find my groove by the time school starts again.

as soon as i can,
i'll fill you in on family activities
and some recent work.
(happy summer!)