the winner.

last friday we had a little contest.
thanks to those who played along.
i LOVED hearing what you had to say about the prints you liked!
i loved hearing what you liked and where you would put them.
so fun!!

thanks for taking the time to look and comment.

it's interesting to me to see what you all liked the most.
a couple of you either voted for all (HA!) or sorta none because you couldn't see them. ;)
here is the way you voted:

one of you voted for blueberries:
 another said this one was your favorite:

 but the description made me wonder if you meant this one:
(i need this in my bedroom)
 another said this (which i will be hanging in abigail's room):
 one of you felt this was more meaningful than the others:
(i agree, and have already printed a series of these for myself.)
two of you also mentioned this one as a close second.
 two of you were in the mood to have strawberries around permanently:
FIVE of you love this one:
(again, i relate and already have a print!)
 this print was named a pick by one of you... i want to walk there again soon.
 two mentioned wanting to own this print:
 one of you loved this:
 and one, very lucky winner, loved this one:
allison, our winner(!!!), had this to say:
My favorite is the #4 flowers photo-- I love the pinks and purples against the blue sky.

And why yes that must be the cutest subject to photograph! Of course, if you come to ATL anytime soon I might need you to take some newborn family photos which might just outdo her! ;)

allison, congrats!! i'll be in touch with you!

for the rest of you, don't forget that for the rest of this week,
there is a 50% off sale for any prints you'd like to order!!
go to my website:
click on the clients section on the bottom right corner.

i've created a little gallery just for you all.
the password is: abitbehind
i'm happy to give 50% off until SUNDAY (7/24/11) at midnight.