happy friday | 8.12.11

it's friday??

okay. here's the deal.
we're up to our armpits in renovations.
and fun. and people. and work.

we've had wonderful guests in town.
friends from out of state,
my sister and family!
and now brian's parents....
(who are working so so hard in our house.)

i haven't been taking very many pictures because,
well, when i start knocking out that massive to-do list,
i get a little manic.
and it's hard to stop.

we're redoing the front yard.
it currently looks like a big mound of dirt.

and the back porch.

plus little projects, like hanging stuff.
and moving things around.
and painting a dresser, trim, and other little things.

we're on vacay next week, so expect just a little more quiet around here.
for another week or so.

you should know that it's my birthday next week.
whoop whoop.

(brian and abi in the front car.) 
(my sister and niece in the back car.)

happy friday y'all!!