happy friday | 8.26.11

this is me
about a week ago.
on a vacation.
walking down to the beach with my coffee in hand.
(in case you couldn't see that in the picture.)

i stopped to take a photo because i knew the moment was good.

maybe deep down, i knew it would be rare for a while too.

i often feel that when i return home (or leave for that matter), 
it's similar to jumping onto a moving treadmill.
and this transition back to life hasn't proved me wrong. ;)

we have one more week with the kids home before school starts back.
in a way, the summer already feels gone.
the older boys have started football (a first for us.)
and my girl has started soccer (a first for her.)
and my head has already started spinning.

i would love it if an administrative fairy could pop into my life from time to time.
and maybe fill out a few forms or something?
ah. well. there's always coffee, right?

i shouldn't forget this moment i'm in either. 
that i'm typing quietly while brian has the kids running errands.
i guess we all find our quiet moments, don't we?

the good thing about settling into fall
is that though our routine feels stifling at times,
there is a routine.
and with a routine, comes boundaries.
with boundaries, comes more moments
of me alone with coffee in my hand.

cheers to those moments!
and happy friday!