almost thirty eight.

last year for my birthday,

this year, 
i'll share a birthday photo with you:

i love this photo.
my mother holding me in the hospital.
i think someone on the hospital staff took it.
they misspelled my name on the back.
"Katy Sack"
with the date 8/18/73 written beside it.

the day i was born.
my hairline looks exactly like all of my children's hairline when they were newborns.
i love my mother's nightgown.
i love her graceful hands holding me.
she looks so young.

i love that even in that little moment
god knew that he had this very day planned for me.
that i would celebrate 38 years of life here.
have brian as my gentle husband.
be blessed with four beautiful children.

he knew that he would give me faith.
that he would sustain that faith in me through the years.
he knew all the friends he would bless me with

my future is not unknown to him.

this birthday i'm thankful for the story i've lived so far.
thankful for all of you who have shared in it.
here's to the next chapters.
(happy birthday to me. tomorrow.)