happy friday | 9.30.11

okay. for happies today, i wanted to post another sneak peak (first one here.) 
of a photo session i'm working on:
makes your heart melt, right?

here is a sloppy personal update on our life right now:
we get to pick nic up early from school today. 
he's been on a camp called outdoor school that they do here in portland for all sixth graders.
i think it's a fantastic opportunity for kids here, and i'm thankful that nic gets to do it...
it's similar to the types of things that they are doing at our environmental elementary school.

tonight we will enjoy our family night.
something we've tried to build into our lives where we will all be home together.
it's been hard to protect this, but we feel it's important. and it's been great.

tomorrow, we're on the game day schedule again.
we have a nine o'clock, a ten o'clock, and a one o'clock.
i also have the opportunity to take abigail's soccer team's photo this year.
(they are so darn cute, i'm excited about this!)

at some point brian will catch the alabama football game on saturday.
he and our oldest two boys love yelling "roll tide" all the way here in oregon. ;)
and i will be getting my hair done... happily relaxing away from the yelling.

our sunday mornings are spent in church.
it's a sacrifice, but we love it that way.
i typically find that i enter into church with my heart bruised and beaten 
by the week's events or my own wandering self absorption...
and then walk out comforted, confronted and reminded that there is more to this life.
i'm thankful for this hospital of sorts for my soul.

did you know that my husband is a "religious professional?" (he's the ordained minister for our church.)
it's strange and beautiful to be married into this profession.

we'll try to rest some on sunday, 
and then start all over again during the week.

our days are getting longer with us straddling raising kids preschool through middle school.
we have practices for at least one if not three kids every night of the week.

thankfully, brian and i have found this little friday nook in which we can spend alone time.
it's helpful. perhaps it's survival. 
i can see how easy it would be to allow our marriage to crumble 
simply through busyness leading to neglect. 
we're being stretched.
and i think, in some ways, we're just getting started.

on the business side of things,
i'm doing mini school photos right now.
and have a trip in the works for all you northern CA people!
i still have sessions available on october 28th and some on october 30th.
contact me asap if you're interested!

i hope all of you have a happy friday! xo.