a little link love:

i wanted to let you know about a few special things in the works.

Bloom Market

this is a market for all of you in the atlanta area!!
coming october 14th and 15th.

my talented and dear friend keri is putting it together...
(she also is a graphic designer who created my logo and header.)
she is regularly highlighting the venders for the market on the bloom market blog
so you can get a sneak peak.
you should attend if you can!!
i would.


this is for all of you in northern california!!

two talented friends, renee and liz have created a business to plan your next party.
i would love to have them come for our normal halloween gathering, but alas, we live too far!

browse through their previous work and info!


and lastly,
(website in the works, email here: staff.simplicity@gmail.com)
something for all of us in portland!!

my friend lyndsey is just getting started in her personal organizing business!
she's already worked for me organizing our hallway/coat closet
and i was amazed by how much she accomplished in a short while.

if you're one of the first few to hire her, you'll get in on her introductory rates!!

(now go show these three some love...)