the littlest of things...

make life grand.


this sweet babe was part of a "pay it forward" photo shoot.

my dear friend trevor recorded the new song on my website for me
without taking any compensation.
(go listen)

in my gratitude,
 i asked if they would like to give a photoshoot away
to someone they know in return for such kindness.
they picked a sweet family right here in portland.

the family happen to own a fantastic business
the take old used up books, and turn them into the best of journals.
(i've already bought one for someone on my christmas list.)
their journals are sold around the country! and online (above).

my personal favorite shop that sells them is:
NOUN: a person's place for things.
if you're in portland, this is definitely the place to go.
(and you can grab a st. cupcake while there! YUM!)

we've celebrated the thanks,
now we're moving into the giving season.
(i'm so thankful for giving people who inspire me!)