oh sunny day!

i'll be reviewing some of my recent sessions here in the next weeks.
(they make me happy!!)


these were the first moments behind my camera in CA.
 (burlingame, CA)

the location was unbelievably bright and beautiful.

but i think what was in front of me that day
 was even more bright and beautiful.

thank you wang family!!
what a joy for me to work with you all again!

often my clients say they don't know how they'll choose between the photos in their proof album.
i don't envy that decision.
i would want all of them. i know i would.

i also have a hard time choosing which ones to show you,
but these five are very special.
i know that much.

stay tuned for more.
and check into my facebook page too: katieprentiss photography
for more photos and updates.