a merry christmas from luna.

this is luna, my niece's little dog: 
i think we may have stressed her out last night
when we descended on my brother's & family's home.
their five,
my sisters five, 
our six,
my father, his wife and her son,
my mother:

it was a crowd.

and i wish i could have seen them longer while we were in atl.
but i am glad the kids played and i got to hug them all.

it was good.

luna's expression makes me laugh just a little.
thinking about this time of year and all the miles we're traveling
and all the extras our families are willing to do to host us. 
and all the extras we're willing to do to see them.
it's busy.

the expression made me think also of all of you.
some with your family and some not.

in case you feel like reading.

i'm dying to share more with you about our outings, etc.
and photos, photos, photos.

but i have more family interacting and loving to do right now.
so, more later.