my favorite subjects.

i've been taking tons of candids of my four kiddos during our break.
i don't ask them to pose too often~
most kids get worn out quickly when you ask them to pose
and they usually don't look that natural anyway.

but we were heading out to go fishing with my dad.
in the middle of nowhere georgia.

i saw this old building and begged everyone to get out and give me five minutes.
my kids were dirty, mis-matched and were even sporting "cool-aid stained" mustaches,
but whatever.

you can tell nic was really into the idea:
i can crop him out anyway:
and i still love the photos of the four of them.

but the ones i really love
were snapped once the kids thought we were finished posing.

they were running back to the car.
and just being themselves.
 i love that their personalities were showing so well.
 these are the ones i love the most.
 i'm pretty sure i saw a few locals scratching their heads
wondering why we were taking pictures in front of this old building.

but you can't blame a girl for trying, right?
i'm pretty sure some of us would have loved to explore that old place.
and over all, we're just happy to have some time together.

now, onto the worms and fish.