sunny sundays.

it's beautiful outside here.
and the sunshine made me think about things like this:
and this: 
isn't that what everyone is thinking about right now?
worms and boiled peanuts? hmmm?

okay. maybe not, but at least i know you've been anxiously waiting to see our day o' fishing in rural ga.
right? please say "yes."

okay great. here are some pictures of very happy children on a beautifully sunny day in georgia:
(not to mention a gorgeous property.)

okay. whew.
i'm glad we finally did this.
now we can all enjoy our sunny sunday.
go for a walk. read some c.s. lewis.
or wait, maybe you should go fishing?

((thanks to grandpa for the fishing day!))

bonus offer: if you subscribe to my blog today, (down below)
i'll send you a full size digital copy of your choice of the worm photo or the boiled peanuts.
who in the world could refuse that?!
i fully expect two of you to do it.
boy howdy!!