do you take risks?

i'm realizing that to take a risk,
i have to be willing to fail.
 the fear of failing wants to stop me,
 but it doesn't seem like a good reason not to try.
 and often taking a risk causes growth, right?
 or can even lead to a new experience, relationship, or higher learning curve.
 so, i'm trying something new.
despite the fear and the voices contradicting my every risk taking thought,
i requested to show some of my photography work in an upcoming art show 
called works.

and i didn't get rejected! ;)
i'm totally nervous about participating in this venue.
it's so new to show my work in this way.

i'm honored to participate and to get to rub shoulders with so many local artists.

so cheer me on??
or even better, come visit??

here's the details:
Works is an annual art exhibition/event produced by Intown Church and People's Art of Portland. 
Date: February 24, 2012 Time: 7 pm to 11 pm 
Location: The Old Church, 1422 Southwest 11th Avenue Portland, OR 97201-3304